Why Choose H&R Construction and Surfacing, Inc.

We are leak detection and repair specialists and our main expertise is in surface preparation, application, and installation of a large variety of deck coatings and waterproofing system products available, including finished walking deck surfaces, under topping pavers, concrete slab and tile applications. The products that we use are manufactured by some of the best and most reliable companies in the industry, such as: Mer-Kote, Versa Tile, Excel-Coat, Pacific Polymers, Tremco, Vulkem, Xypex, Vandex, Thoro, AVM Industries, Cetco, Ardex, Neo-Guard, Sika, Scofield, Gaco Western, Concrete Solutions, MiraDri, Carlisle, and Epro Waterproofing Systems.

We also offer a variety of patterns and specialize in application and installation of a beautifully finished 1/4″ Stamped Decorative Concrete Surface. As a matter of fact, H&R Construction is one of the FIRST COMPANIES in Los Angeles to offer this magnificent system. The 1/4″ Stamped Decorative Concrete Surface can be installed over existing surfaces of courtyards, walkways, pooldecks, patios, lobbies and on many other interior and exterior applicable surfaces.

The following applications are a few more of our specialties:

  • Wall stucco waterproofing
  • Under pavers and tile waterproofing
  • Area sloping for drains
  • Epoxy floors and special floor surface leveling
  • Sheet metal installations
  • Foundation and retaining wall waterproofing
  • Concrete wall injection waterproofing

At H&R Construction and Surfacing, Inc., we are proud of our work and our many years of experience. We strive to perfect our services for our customers, and we help as many clients in the construction industry as possible. We are always interested in offering you a Price Proposal on any project that requires any of the professional services that we offer.