H & R Construction

Welcome to H&R Inc.

We here at H&R Inc. strive to provide our customers with the best solutions for their waterproofing and resurfacing needs

We pursue our mission by:

  • Relentless pursuit of full 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Using the highest quality of products.
  • Employing skilled professional personnel.
  • Constantly reducing our costs to maintain reasonable prices.
  • Continuously familiarizing ourselves with new related products.

playme-v3With hundreds of thousands of square foot waterproofing experience behind us, you’ll be sure to come out with the best products available at prices that will fit into your budget.

Who is H&R Construction and Surfacing, Inc.

H&R Construction and Surfacing, Inc. is a well-established waterproofing and surfacing company. We have been conducting business for over 20 years, and at H&R Construction and Surfacing, Inc., we strive to provide our clients with the best solutions for their Waterproofing and Surfacing needs, employing skilled professional personnel, and installing the most advanced and highest quality products.

H&R Construction and Surfacing, Inc., also specializes in the waterproofing application of Shortcrete, poured-in-place, CMU-Block Foundation, Site Retaining Walls, Elevator Pits, for below-grade structures. We also install waterproofing below the basement foundation concrete structural slab of commercial parking structures, garages, basements, guesthouses, apartment complexes, condominiums, and town houses as well as the installation of methane gas and water table barrier membrane systems. We incorporate and use the best and most advanced waterproofing systems applications available, and our professional staff is available for each specific condition.